Welcome to OnyzxArt Studio! Please take a look around and enjoy yourself. I use collage materials and digital techniques, combined with acrylic paint, to create a “waking dream” vision. I want my art to open a vista upon an unknown universe, where people can explore and find joy and tranquility. Some words that I often think of are:

Mystical - having a spiritual meaning or reality that is neither apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence
Mysterious - exciting wonder, curiosity, or surprise while baffling efforts to comprehend or identify
Whimsical - lightly fanciful (or) subject to erratic behavior or unpredictable change
Odd - differing markedly from the usual or ordinary or accepted
Translucent - transmitting and diffusing light so that objects beyond cannot be seen clearly
Ethereal - of or relating to the regions beyond the earth

 I have a great love for art, and have been influenced by many artists and creative ideas (more about that on the Statement page). The most prominent characteristics of my work are mysticism and a love of nature, which are inextricably linked. If you wondered about the meaning of OnyzxArt:   The gemstone onyx has a personal symbolism for me – I feel that it symbolizes mystery and mysticism – it is so dark and opaque. Traditional interpretation says that it helps people cast off negative emotions and energy. The stone is purported to guard against negativity, and to sharpen the senses. Perfect!

Art is a mirror in which we see ourselves reflected. We create art to learn about ourselves – to know ourselves. Art is a door we go through, to explore both inner and outer worlds. Art is a window, providing a new vista; it clarifies our vision. Art is a fresh breath of air, leaving us more alive and aware. Art is like the water we drink – it is sustenance and renewal. Interpretation of an artwork should be left to the viewer, because there are no wrong answers.

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We are please to announce the Eclectic Multi-cultural Arts CCommunity has gone online at EMAC

The purpose of EMAC is to provide an integrated Multi-Cultural Arts Consortium in a quality, professional setting. Skilled thespians who are accomplished in the various areas of art, music, theatre, poetry, dance and the culinary arts are merged together to promote art appreciation and cross-cultural understanding. The exceptional arts and humanities atmosphere will reflect the rich cultural diversity of our nation.